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EZ Games Distribution specializes in the wholesale and distribution of video games and video game related products. If it is wholesale video games that you are looking for, then we’re the guys for you!

Our mission is to conduct our business in an honest, fair, legitimate, and respectful manner. Our goal is to provide the best possible service with the best possible price.



  • Sony PlayStation: PS2, PS3, and PSP.
  • Nintendo: Wii, NDS-Lite, DSi.
  • Microsoft XBOX: Xbox 360
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(New Releases and Re-Stock)

All publishers. Large quantity orders

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(first and third party)

Sony PlayStation | Nintendo Microsoft Xbox | MadCatz Nyko

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About Us

Who are we...

EZ Games Distribution, Inc. is a leading distributor and wholesaler of video games and video game related products in the United States of America.

We at EZ Games specialize in catering to foreign export markets and we pride ourselves on our ability to fulfill our customers’ needs promptly and efficiently. Our major markets include the United States, all of Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Latin America – and we’re still looking to grow!

Over the years we have developed an extremely strong supply base both in the United States and overseas and are thus able to offer the most competitive prices for consoles, accessories, and software.

We have strategic partnerships with a number of courier and shipping companies and as a result we offer our customers pre-paid shipping at extremely low costs.

Why Choose Us...

We are extremely dedicated to our work and to our customers. Our team has years of experience and product knowledge and as a result we know exactly what customers are looking for.

We offer an ideal mix of the “old” and “new” way of doing business. Peter brings 20 years of knowledge, experience, integrity, and a solid reputation to the table.

Give us a chance to prove ourselves.

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